how to contact me.....

There are various option on how to contact me!
The below means are the most common, promising the most success.
Should you opt for one of the phones, please remember the time difference that may apply!!
(for example: Germany is currently 9 hours behind)

Contact form Website contact form
Email an Webmaster my email (quick and easy option)
+61 415 775994 Vodafone Australia
mobile phone service
+61 3 54288947 Phone and answering machine
+61 3 54271049 Fax (at work)


As most people these days, I am contactable best via my mobile. It is always close by.

I do not pay as much attention to my landline (if at home), so don't be surprised if you get the answering machine. I try to call back asap, but if I am not at home it might take few hours. 

As I appreciate my nightly recovery (as we all do), please do me the favour..... NOT call between 23:00hrs (11pm) and 7:00hrs (7am)!


As mentioned above, my mobile is always close by; therefore a text (SMS) is always a good (and cost effective) option.

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